Hybrid Ibex Hunt


  • Extra Hunt Days $350/day per hunter
  • Guest (Non-Hunter) $200/day per person 
  • A 4% charge will be added for credit card payments

Hybrid Ibex Hunt Package

  • ALL INCLUSIVE (no daily fees)
  • ​3 days/ 2 nights
  • $1,000 deposit booking fee
  • Lodging
  • Chef-prepared meals
  • Stocked bar for after the hunt
  • 1-on-1 guide service
  • Ranch transportation
  • Complete trophy care (field dressing, caping, and quartering of meat for transportation)
  • Trophy Bass Fishing
  • Rifle and archery range

Not Included 

  • Texas hunting license/permits
  • Gratuities for guides and staff

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About the MPR Hybrid Ibex Hunt

The hybrid ibex's native habitat can be found in Africa, but you can have the perfect Texas hybrid ibex hunting experience at Montgomery Properties Ranch. Since there are no seasonal restrictions on ibex hunting in Texas, you can embark on trophy hunts any month of the year.

A large antelope featuring a beautiful coat and long horns, the hybrid ibex is a cross between the wild bezoar ibex and a goat. Bezoar ibexes are wild mountain goats found mainly in southwest Asia and the eastern Mediterranean, although today they are the focus of many Texas exotic hunts. In fact, the bezoar is the domestic goat’s primary ancestor. Males are identified by their large recurved horns that feature noticeable front ridges. Females, which are smaller and lighter than males, have smaller, thinner, slower-growing horns. An ibex’s horns are present at birth and grow throughout the animal’s life.

Humans have interacted with ibex for some time. Archaeological evidence of their presence has been found as painted and embossed motifs on pottery and cylinder seals, dating back to around 1800 BC. Today, they freely roam Texas hunting ranches, and you can seek out this African game at our exotic game ranch in Texas.

Add to your Texas hunting experience with a hybrid ibex hunt at Montgomery Properties Ranch. We offer several approaches to hybrid ibex hunting. Whether you decide to hunt your hybrid ibex safari style, use a spot and stalk method, or sit patiently in a blind, you'll experience the ultimate African game hunt right here in Texas.

For more information about our guided hunts in Texas, ibex hunting prices, and to book a hybrid ibex hunting experience, contact Montgomery Properties Ranch today.

Texas Hybrid Ibex

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