Texas Hunting Ranch

Come hunt at a true working ranch that was high fenced in 1988 to accomplish one goal—to build, shape, and create a ranch with an outstanding habitat, food plot systems, and a management program resulting in some of the finest Texas trophy whitetail hunts and exotic hunting to be experienced anywhere!

The Ranch is located North of Jacksboro, Texas, near the historic Squaw Mountain area of Northern Jack County. MPR is just 75 miles northwest of Fort Worth, Texas. Encompassing approximately 7,000 acres of rugged hills, it draws with drainage and fertile bottom land along the West Fork of the Trinity River. The landscape, considered North Texas Brush Country, consists predominately of post oak and elm with a general mixture of mesquite and pear.

Hunting Packages

MPR offers among the best trophy whitetail hunts in Texas and chances to find axis deer and elk. Check our packages below to find the ultimate in trophy hunts and the experience of a lifetime.

Texas Whitetail Hunts(Seasonal – October through January)

Are you searching for the finest Texas deer hunting? Approximately three to four million whitetail deer reside in Texas. As part of our hunting package, pick the most comfortable approach to hunting, whether you prefer safari style or spot and stalk. Even hunt from a spacious heated blind and wait patiently and comfortably for the perfect game.

Texas Axis Hunts

Also known as chital or spotted deer, axis deer are native to India and are an abundant exotic species in Texas. They run at up to 40 miles per hour. A catch is well-rewarded, as the Exotic Wildlife Association has rated Axis the best-tasting game meat, which is one of the leanest meats of all mammals. Axis deer hunts in Texas are not subject to any seasonal restrictions, so you can hunt these exotic animals any time of the year.

Texas Elk Hunts

You can hunt at our Texas elk hunting ranch any time of the year, although the peak season begins in August when you’ll find elk bulls in velvet, and September when hard-antlered elk are prevalent. Elk are the world’s second largest deer species. Antlers up to four feet long make them easy to spot. Fast and aggressive, they make for some of the most exciting and challenging Texas exotic hunts. Choose any hunting method you prefer and experience one of the most thrilling opportunities for exotic hunting in Texas.

Ready for exciting trophy hunts and the best in whitetail deer and exotic hunting? Montgomery Properties Ranch is one of the finest Texas exotic hunting ranches, so call today at 817-925-2234 to reserve your spot.