Corsican Sheep Hunt

$1,500 & up

Texas Corsican Ram  $1,500 to $3,500

  • Extra Hunt Days $350/day per hunter
  • Guest (Non-Hunter) $200/day per person 
  • A 4% charge will be added for credit card payments

    Corsican Sheep Hunt Package

    • ALL INCLUSIVE (no daily fees)
    • ​3 days/ 2 nights
    • $1,000 deposit booking fee
    • Lodging
    • Chef-prepared meals
    • Stocked bar for after the hunt
    • 1 on 1 guide service
    • Ranch transportation
    • Complete trophy care (field dressing, caping, and quartering of meat for transportation)
    • Trophy Bass Fishing
    • Rifle and archery range

    Not Included 

    • Texas hunting license/permits
    • Gratuities for guides and staff

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    About the MPR Corsican Sheep Hunt

    Corsican sheep are found throughout the world, including Montgomery Properties Ranch. With no seasonal restrictions on hunting, you can go Corsican sheep hunting in Texas during any season of the year.

    This is a brown-bodied sheep whose horns grow up to 35 inches in length. Animals with horns over 40 inches long have also been found. Native to North America, they weigh anywhere from 80 to 160 pounds and are found in a range of hybrids—Corsican sheep breeds include Black Hawaiian, American Blackbelly, Painted Desert, and Corsican Barbados rams. After all, they’ve been crossed with European mouflon sheep and other North American native sheep for many decades.

    Our hunting packages are ideal opportunities to go on trophy hunts for Corsican rams. The sheep typically have a red-brown coat with white markings. Black markings on the face give them an identifiable appearance, sort of like a badger, while lion-like manes of hair grace the back of Corsican sheep.

    Great for trophy hunts, Corsican meat is lean and flavorful and has a beef-like taste. Meanwhile, hunters cherish the catches they can hang in their trophy rooms.

    A Texas Corsican sheep hunt is just a booking away. At one of the best Texas hunting ranches, we offer several hunting packages, and Corsican ram hunts in Texas are among them. You can engage in several methods at our Texas exotic game ranch. Do you enjoy hunting safari style or to take a spot and stalk approach? Perhaps sitting in a blind is your preferred method. Regardless, we offer the most exciting opportunities for exotic game hunting in Texas.

    To learn more and schedule your hunting trip, contact Montgomery Properties Ranch at 817-925-2234, or feel free to submit a message using our convenient online form.

    Texas Corsican Sheep Hunt

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