Blackbuck Hunt


  • Extra Hunt Days $350/day per hunter
  • Guest (Non-Hunter) $200/day per person 
  • A 4% charge will be added for credit card payments

Blackbuck Hunt Package

  • ALL INCLUSIVE (no daily fees)
  • ​3 days/ 2 nights
  • $1,000 deposit booking fee
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Stocked bar for after the hunt
  • 1 on 1 guide service
  • Ranch transportation
  • Complete trophy care (field dressing, caping, and quartering of meat for transportation)
  • Trophy Bass Fishing
  • Rifle and archery range

Not Included 

  • Texas hunting license/permits
  • Gratuities for guides and staff

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About the MPR Blackbuck Hunt

The blackbuck's native habitat can be found in India, but this antelope has established itself in Texas and is comfortable in just about any temperature, even searing heat. It will graze in any temperature, any time of the day, on our Texas hunting ranch. A member of the gazelle species, the male blackbuck features spiral horns and a dark coat during the rut. The long spiral horns are the animal’s most recognizable feature and can be up to 30 inches long, with three to four spiral turns each. Trophy size is a full 18 inches, although horns can be longer. For the most part, only males are horned and identified by their two-tone fur, but some females may also develop horns. Blackbuck have white fur around their eyes and on the chin, along with black stripes on the face.

The blackbuck is found mostly on grassy plains. Therefore, blackbuck hunts in Texas center mostly on open areas. Occasionally, they can be seen in lightly forested areas, but just about always near a source of water, which they need regularly.

Active any time of the year, blackbuck can be the focus of your trophy hunts during any month. The state of Texas imposes no seasonal hunting restrictions on this animal. Blackbuck hunting is often done to seek a trophy animal, but females are known for their delicious meat and attractive hides. Therefore, you can pursue blackbuck antelope hunting at our exotic game ranch in Texas, no matter what your expectations are.

A Texas blackbuck hunt is the perfect addition to your Texas hunting experience. At

Montgomery Properties Ranch, we offer several approaches to hunting this exotic game. Whether safari style, spot and stalk, or sitting patiently in a blind, you'll experience the ultimate exotic game hunt right here in Texas.

Book one of our most exciting hunting packages today, or contact us to learn more about our comprehensive services and hunting options at our Texas hunting ranch.

Texas Blackbuck Hunt

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