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You Should Be Listening to These Five Best Hunting Podcasts


Whether you are planning an upcoming whitetail deer hunting trip or are reliving the memories of past exotic hunting trips, one way to get your whitetail deer fix is to listen to podcasts. Podcasts can provide you with a wealth of hunting information, fun facts, and more.

Best of all, you do not have to pick up a magazine or read content on your preferred online device. All you have to do is plug in your headphones and turn on your favorite podcast while driving to work, mowing the yard, walking the dog, or exercising. With the upcoming whitetail deer season starting, here are the five best hunting podcasts we are sure you will enjoy.

whitetail deer hunting

  1. Nine Finger Chronicles hosted by Dan Johnson: Dan covers a wide range of hunting topics. From reviewing hunting gear to sharing successful hunts and profiling various hunters, you are sure to find episodes that fit your hunting style and preferences.
  2. Down Shout Hunting Podcast hosted by Mike Higman and Adam Crews: This podcast is geared to hunters of the south. This area of the country is often overlooked because the weather tends to stay warmer throughout whitetail season. The hosts cover a variety of topics, like using scent control, specific topics related to hunting in the south, public land hunting, and more.
  3. Wired to Hunt Podcast hosted by Mark Kenyon: This is one of the most popular hunting podcasts out there. It is primarily hosted by Mark, with frequent co-host visits from Dan Johnson of the Nine Finger Chronicles Podcast. Both hosts share their own personal hunting successes and failures, as well have regular guests. In addition, they provide as much quality hunting information so you are sure to learn something new.

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  1. Meateater hosted by Steven Rinella: This podcast covers a wide range of game hunting, along with many interesting hunting topics. What makes this podcast unique is that Steven and cohost Janis Putelis often record episodes while on location hunting, so you get to live their hunting experiences as they happen.
  2. The Hunting Public Podcast hosted by Aaron Warbritton, Zach Ferenbaugh, Greg Clements, and Jake Huebschman: This podcast features a group of dedicated whitetail deer hunters. Their primary focus is hunting on public lands and sharing their unique hunting style, which many refer to as “running and gunning.” What makes their podcast different is they also rely upon other social media channels, like Instagram and Facebook Live to interact with their followers, even while out hunting, and often interact with the audience by answering questions.

These are just five of the best hunting podcasts out there. There are others you may find, too, that focus on your specific style of hunting, such as bow hunting.

If you are looking for a hunting experience you will remember a lifetime, consider a Texas whitetail or exotic game hunting trip at Montgomery Properties Ranch. For further information or to book your hunt, please feel free to contact us at 817-925-2234 today!