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Wild Boars: Texas’s Deadly Nuisance


Texas’s biggest enemy is the wild boar. Initially introduced as a food source in the 1500s, their ability for rapid breeding has resulted in a population explosion. As well, an appetite for nearly every food has resulted in annual damage to Texas agriculture and livestock of $1.5 billion.1  However, open season has been declared on this invasive species, revealing many opportunities for those interested in hunting exotic animals in Texas.

Wild boar looking towards camera

Why Wild Boars Are Considered to Be Dangerous

Wild boars are more dangerous to hunt than bears, even among experienced hunters at games ranches in Texas. Not only do these unpredictable and aggressive animals come in near the top of the list of most intelligent animal species, but their tusks and hooves are razor-sharp, and their eyesight is keen.

With an average weight between 175 and 300 pounds or more, the wild boar has the weight necessary to deliver serious injury on impact.

Tips for a Safe Wild Boar Hunt

Because it’s so dangerous to hunt these animals, there are a few wild boar hunting tips to keep in mind. First, you should never hunt alone. Having an experienced hunter with you is always a good idea, as they can provide a second pair of eyes for spotting movement and aggressive behavior. They can also indicate which methods and locations are safest to hunt from.

Tracking skills are another essential for you or your guide to have, as is knowing how to use predator calls. Proper safety procedure should always be used when handling wild boar, as they do carry diseases which can be transmitted to humans.

Finally, it’s important to never assume that shooting a boar even a few times is enough for a successful kill. Always make sure that a boar has fallen; injured boars are incredibly aggressive and have been known to circle back behind hunters for a surprise attack from the rear.

Silhouette of hunter shooting at sunrise

Wild Boar Hunting Experiences in Texas

Because there are so many of these animals in Texas, wild boar hunting has become a popular sport in the state. Indeed, it has become easier than ever to have a unique and exciting hunting experience, but, among your many options for hunting exotic game in Texas, it’s a good idea to look for locations with staff members who have both experience and knowledge.

Montgomery Properties Ranch is one of these locations. Because it’s been in the same family of hunters and ranchers for over six generations, our ranch has been continually developing its skills and knowledge in range management and animal husbandry. Our nearly 6,000 square feet of land is self-sustainable, offering all animals a healthy habitat for the best possible life.

Our Texas exotic hunts packages are member-guided, offering complete trophy care, including field dressing and meat quartering. Enjoy chef-prepared meals in ranch-style accommodations with incredible views and a game room, full-service kitchen, and much more. Call us now to book the hunting experience of a lifetime: (817) 925-2234.