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Why You Should Hunt at Montgomery Properties Ranch


Autumn is here, and that means it’s the perfect time to head out into the wild for a hunt. If you’ve been craving something a little bit off the beaten track, we have you covered, here at Montgomery Properties Ranch. From Texas trophy whitetail hunts to animals straight out of an African safari, through incredible opportunities for photos and more, there are so many amazing reasons to hunt with us. If the pictures alone don’t do our experience justice, we think this list will!

whitetail deer hunting

Family Experience

Montgomery Properties Ranch has been in the same family for nearly six generations. That’s six generations of knowledge from people who are hunters just like you. Whether you’re coming alone for some shooting time with the boys or bringing along the whole family, we can accommodate you. Take home amazing memories, plenty of snapshots, and possibly even a freezer full of healthy meals to feed your loved ones. Getting back to the land is great!

Your Booking Agent Is Your Guide

Here at the ranch, we believe every employee should be intimately involved with the whole experience. That’s why the person you book with when you call is also the guide who takes you out for your hunt. If you have questions, your guide can answer them simply and quickly—right from the first call. 

Familiarity and Beauty

Because we’re family-owned, nearly everyone who works here is a hunter. Most of us grew up right here, taking care of the animals and helping to keep the ranch sustainable and beautiful. In fact, one of the most common compliments we receive is how coming to Montgomery Properties Ranch feels like “coming home.” We’re always pleased to have you!

Self-Sustainable Ranch

There’s a common misconception that hunting is somehow bad for the environment, cruel, or unsustainable. Here at the ranch, we know the real truth. With nearly six generations of knowledge, and a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears, we’ve created nearly 6,000 sq.ft. of pristine, self-sustaining ecology. It supports our business, but it also provides the animals with an incredible and healthy living environment. Beautiful scenery is just the icing on the cake.

Careful Attention to Animals

At Montgomery Properties Ranch, we truly care about the animals we raise. From the whitetail deer that call our broad expanses home to imported animals like the ibex and Dama Gazelle, we deeply value each animal for what it provides, both in experience and in food stocks.

Gemsbok Hunt Photos

In fact, everything we do and all of our processes at the ranch are designed to give our animals the best possible life and ultimate natural living experience before and during the hunt. This includes following extremely high animal husbandry guidelines and strict culling requirements that produce healthy, strong livestock in the first place.

Protective Measures for Habitats      

 When you come to Montgomery Properties Ranch for whitetail deer hunts—or to hunt any of our other prized wildlife—you'll see first-hand just how closely we safeguard the ecology here. Squaw Mountain Road is beautiful all on its own, but careful attention and landscaping over the years have truly produced a hunting environment unparalleled anywhere else in North America.

More importantly, it sustains itself and the many plants and animals that call it home. You’ll see so much more than just your hunting target when you hunt with us here at Montgomery Properties Ranch!

Need more reasons to come and hunt this fall? Contact us with your questions or give us a call today at 817-925-2234 to schedule a hunt at our wonderful property that continues to wow visitors year after year.