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The Ultimate Hunters’ Safety Guide for a Safe Hunting Experience


Every single year, there are always hunting accidents that result in serious injuries or death. Whether you are hunting exotic game in Texas or hunting duck, deer, or other wildlife, you want to make sure you have a safe hunting experience every time. Part of ensuring safety is to take time to prepare by reviewing and using the following safety tips:

  1. Complete a Hunter’s Safety Course: Every state offers some type of safety course to teach new and current hunters about hunting.
  2. Review the Local and State Hunting Regulations and Laws: You need to know what type of game you can hunt, when it is legal to hunt it, how to obtain a license, “bag” limits, and other details.
  3. Purchase the Appropriate Hunting Licenses: There are specific hunting licenses for deer, duck, and other game. You need to make sure you have the right license and have paid any fees for the season.
  4. Spend Time on the Gun Range Practicing: You need to know how your firearms work, and the best way to safely find out is on the gun range. You will also want to use this time to verify the sights on the gun are set correctly and are accurate.
  5. Gun Range Practicing
    Gun Range Practicing

  6. Think About Where You Want to Hunt: There are state-owned lands, private property, and hunting ranches to consider.
  7. Never Travel with Loaded Guns: Your hunting rifles should always be transported unloaded while traveling to your favorite hunting grounds.
  8. Talk to Seasoned Hunters: One way to learn some valuable safety tips is to talk to other hunters. Take advantage of any advice they give and use it whenever you go hunting.
  9. Complete a First Aid Course: It never hurts to know first aid skills in case of an accident or injury.
  10. Pack a First Aid Kit: Always bring along a first aid kit with emergency supplies like bandages, bottled water, a space blanket, and a flare gun.
  11. Learn How to Use a Compass: You need to know how to use a compass to help prevent getting lost in the woods. Don’t rely on your smartphone’s GPS, as you may not have coverage in certain areas.
  12. Never Point a Gun at Another Person: Even if it is unloaded, you should never point your gun at another person.
  13. Verify Your Target Before Firing: Before you pull the trigger, make sure you can clearly see the target.
  14. Always Unload Your Guns After Hunting: Once you are done hunting, remove all ammo, and don’t forget about the one in the chamber.
  15. Unload the Gun Prior to Climbing Up or Over Something: If you have to climb a tree, over a fence, or over rough terrain, unload the gun first.
Man Holding Rifle
Man holding rifle

Even seasoned hunters with years of experience can benefit from brushing up on these hunters’ safety tips. If you want to learn how to hunt from expert hunters or are looking to hunt exotic game in Texas, please feel free to contact Montgomery Properties Ranch at 817-925-2234 today!