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Texas Hunting Regulations, Terminology, and Safety Equipment

By Montgomery Properties Ranch

The state of Texas has put forth various hunting regulations to maximize your safety during deer, sheep, bird, or exotic game hunting. Montgomery Properties Ranch (MPR) offers private hunting grounds, so you needn’t worry about all laws governing hunting on public land. However, Texas has very strict rules on the use of firearms. Fully automatic models are illegal, while the following restrictions apply while hunting:

  • Migratory game birds can only be hunted with a shotgun.
  • Eastern turkey can only be hunted with a shotgun during the spring season.
  • Rimfire ammunition can’t be used to hunt white-tailed or mule deer, pronghorn antelope, or desert bighorn sheep.
  • Silencers are permitted so long as all state, local, and federal laws are followed.
  • It is illegal to fire a projectile or ammunition across a property line unless the owner provides written permission, or the same person owns the land on both sides.
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Terminology and Your Hunting Experience

Hunting terminology you should know includes bag/daily limit, or the number of animals of a species you’re allowed to kill. Ranchers will notify you of local limits. After a shot, you want to preserve the meat; field dressing involves removing the entrails to avoid spoilage. Quartering, or cutting the legs off a deer carcass, and other processing steps can be accomplished yourself if you know how, but MPR includes these services with some of its hunting packages.

Equipment for Hunting Safety

Whether hunting on public land or at an exotic game ranch in Texas, state laws require you to use a crossbow with a mechanical safety, if this is being used. Crossbows and archery equipment are permitted for hunting non-protected nongame animals. Types of safety equipment you might consider for any hunt include:

  • Safety harness: Keeps you secure to the tree when using a tree stand, reducing the risk of a fall or serious injury while hunting.
  • Safety line: A rope used to secure you to a tree, maximizing safety while ascending or descending or remaining in place.
  • Lineman’s rope: For staying tethered to a tree during hunting activities; use a strong product with a sufficient weight rating, designed for its purpose.
  • Locks, chains, and cables: To keep your equipment secure and inaccessible to anyone who may walk off with it.
  • Lighting: A flashlight or headlamp should be handy in case you’re out after dark and you need to safely get out of the woods.
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The clothing you wear during exotic game hunts in Texas or any hunting excursion is important. Dress improperly, and you’re in for long hours in discomfort. The best base layer is synthetic polyester or merino wool, and insulating layers can include fleece jackets, cotton sweatshirts, and blue jeans—anything you can take off and put on to regulate your body temperature. Your outer shell layer can be a hunting jacket or the blaze orange clothing as required.

Properly fitting boots, hats, and, in the case of cold weather, scarves and face masks keep you safe as well. With the right clothing and gear, exotic game hunting can be safe and enjoyable. For one of the best hunting locations in Texas, contact Montgomery Properties Ranch at 817-925-2234 to plan your expedition—and make sure to have all the best safety equipment.