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Get to Know the Whitetail Deer


An educated hunter tends to be a good hunter. Sure, there are plenty of other skills you’ll need to possess, aside from a knowledge of the animal that you are targeting, but this is a great place to start. By providing you with some whitetail deer facts and information, we think you’ll be a big step closer to a successful hunt when you arrive at Montgomery Properties Ranch.

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Staying Close to Home

One important thing to understand about whitetail deer hunting is the fact that this animal likes to remain close to home. This is not an animal which migrates, and the typical whitetail will keep a home range of just a square mile or so. Despite this preference to stay close to home, whitetail deer are incredibly fast, running up to 30 miles per hour. If you have ever seen a whitetail break into a full run, you know just how impressive it is.

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Scent over Sight

In terms of eyesight, deer are not particularly strong. They see better at night than during the day, but it is really their sense of smell that helps them interact with the world. As compared to a human, deer have an incredible sense of smell, picking up scents from as far away as three miles! This powerful sense of smell is why it is so important for hunters to manage odors when out in the field.

Hunters Are Not the Only Worry

It is certainly true that whitetail deer are often in danger from hunters looking for a trophy. In addition, there are other predators that the deer need to watch out for, including bobcats and coyotes. Fawns are particularly vulnerable to these predators, which is why they will sometimes lie down in the grass for hours to hide.

All About Antlers

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As a hunter, you are likely looking for a buck with an impressive rack of antlers to serve as a trophy for your accomplishment. What you might not know is that those antlers grow at an incredibly fast rate—as much as a full inch every two days. As they are growing, the fuzzy layer on the outside of the antlers serves to bring blood to the area and help foster that impressive growth rate.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about whitetail deer. Are you ready to take part in a thrilling whitetail deer hunt? If so, please contact Montgomery Properties Ranch today to learn more about the trophy whitetail hunts we have to offer. Whether this would be your first guided hunting experience or you are a veteran of this kind of adventure, we’ll be happy to serve you. Whitetail deer hunting is quite a thrill, so don’t wait any longer!