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Elk Hunting Tips for Beginners: How to Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes


Elk hunting can be a rewarding experience when you are looking for new game to hunt. Bagging a trophy elk can be a bit challenging because they can behave differently from deer and other animals you may have previously hunted. As a new elk hunter, it is easy to make mistakes.

The important thing is to learn from those mistakes to help you become more skilled. Before heading out for your next elk hunt, we recommend reviewing the following elk hunting tips for beginners.

1. Not packing everything you need.

You could get lucky and, as soon as you set up, see an elk and bag your game right away. However, do not expect to bag your elk this fast all of the time. Sometimes you may have to wait hours or longer before you can bag your elk. Ideally, you should pack plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen, extra hunting clothes, field dress kit, and other essentials you will need for an entire day of elk hunting.

2. Not spending time practicing using your call.

Elk calls can help you determine the location of bulls during rutting. They can be good to use some of the time, but not always. If you intend to use a call, you want to spend time practicing using it so you are familiar with how when you get to the hunt. Hunters who don’t practice ahead of time could easily scare away elk instead of getting them to respond and calling them in closer.

Bull elk and two female elks

3. Always using the same hunting strategy.

Elk move around. What works for one elk hunt may not work the next time. You need to be able to adapt and adjust your strategies. For instance, the hunting spot you used last year was perfect for elk hunting, but this year you haven’t seen a single elk. You would want to determine where the elk went and find a new hunting spot.

4. Not spending time talking to other seasoned elk hunters.

A great resource you can use to gain insight into elk hunting is talking to other elk hunters. Aside from their tales of bagging trophy elk, they will also have stories where they were not so lucky or made mistakes. It is these stories you should really pay attention to so you can become a better elk hunter.

5. Not practicing with your rifle or bow on a regular basis.

The rush of adrenalin and excitement that occurs when we see that trophy elk with a huge rack is part of the thrill of hunting elk. You want to make sure you can remain as steady as possible to pull off the perfect shot and bag your elk. By practicing, you will still be able to make the perfect shot, regardless of how fast your heart is racing.

6. Not being prepared for all types of hunting conditions.

Hunters with deer

Depending on how long you have been out hunting, you could be hot, sweaty, tired, and having to deal with mosquitoes and other bugs. The weather could have changed from warm and sunny to cold, rainy, and wet. It never hurts to dress in layers and bring along some rain gear so you can stay out as long as possible to bag your elk.

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