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Deer Hunting 101


Hunting deer involves more than just picking the right time of year. In fact, there are no seasonal restrictions in Texas on axis deer hunts, while the peak season for elk hunting begins in August. Choosing a time for Texas deer hunting depends on the species and any potential restrictions. Generally, early morning and during sunset are the best times.

mule deer eating grass

However, these deer hunting tips can help you be more successful.

Cover Your Tracks

Or your odor, that is. The smell of humans scares deer away. They can detect your odor on the ground and in the air. Techniques to avoid this situation include:

  • Showering with a scent-free soap ahead of your hunt.
  • Sealing your clothes in a bag with leaves and dirt.
  • Spraying with an odor eliminator on your body.

Lure the Deer

Deer are perhaps most easy to trick during peak rut. A rag soaked in doe estrus can lead a buck to your stand. You could also apply some deer scent to a strip of timber; if it is positioned high enough so the wind tracks the odor toward the deer, they can’t smell you. Other attractants include deer feed and deer urine.

Conceal Your Movement

Deer are very effective at receiving visual information; they perceive the color blue better than we do and pick up yellow. The fact they see in color impacts how to hunt deer properly. Ways you can get around this is to plant a screen of trees, grasses, and other crops before the hunting season based on your knowledge of the area and where deer travel.

You can also try:

  • Moving perpendicularly to the contours of the terrain, staying hidden in natural depressions.
  • Building a path to your hunting spot in advance, to avoid disturbances that can spook deer.
  • Avoiding feeding areas and other locations deer are likely to be at certain times.
  • Using large trees or groups of trees as your background so you don’t stand out.

Set Up Ahead of Time

A blind on the ground or that’s elevated will have walls that deer will see. Install your position well in advance. Deer will then become used to it being there, so they won’t likely change their behavior or movement patterns. The sudden appearance of a hunting blind may have the opposite effect.

tropical vegetation

Move Slowly

Think of your hunting ground as a minefield and be aware of all your surroundings and movements. The slightest movements, even scratching your nose, can ruin your hunt. Move about five times slower than usual when deer hunting, especially when positioning to shoot or drawing your bow.

Finding a Hunting Area

We’ve already covered the idea of finding a hunting area before hunting season. Look for areas deer will be, particularly where they feed, defecate, and mate. To do that, check for deer tracks and droppings as evidence so you can start securing the ideal location.

Find Hunts with Montgomery Properties Ranch

These are just a few of many useful tips. If you are serious about deer hunting in Texas, contact us today for exciting elk, axis, and whitetail hunts. Our ranch provides the best Texas deer hunting opportunities, plus lodging, meals, transportation, trophy care, and other services.