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#1 Hunting Strategy for Whitetails


There is a lifetime of tricks and techniques to learn when it comes to whitetail deer hunting. The wily whitetail relies on his sense of smell and hearing to warn him of approaching predators. If he notices you, you will never get him in your sights.

Concealment is the most important strategy to bagging a trophy buck.

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Six Ways to Be Scentless, Silent, and Deadly

These whitetail deer hunting tips all center around avoiding detection. When your adrenaline is high and you can't wait to get to the blind, stand, or game trail, keep these concealment tips in mind.

1. Watch the Wind

Be aware of the prevailing winds when you set up blinds or stands. These can change based on the time of day, so scouting to develop this knowledge is helpful. Check current wind conditions and have several routes to your favorite spots. Approach from the down-wind side and face into the wind when you set up.

2. Hunt the Weather

Rather than staying in the cabin when it's wet, consider how this changes the environment in your favor. Scent molecules are washed from the air by rain, and the sound of dripping interferes with the animal's ability to hear your movements. Wet leaves don't rustle underfoot. Old signs are erased and fresh tracks are easy to follow.

3. Create a Distraction

Locate an active scrape and make it even more enticing with a short piece of cotton or hemp rope. Secure it to a branch over the scrape, fray the end, and dip it in gel buck lure. The fresh smell of other bucks will not only work as an attractant but will mask your own scent and provide a compelling distraction.

4. Wear Stealth Gear

Get rid of whitetail deer hunting gear that swishes, clinks, or makes any sort of noise. Good hunting boots are made of materials that don't creak or squeak. Test clothing before you buy it to make sure you can take aim in a motion that is smooth and unrestricted. Listen for any tell-tale sounds that might put your prey on alert.

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5. Eliminate Your Scent

Regular detergents and dryer sheets leave a perfume that lasts for weeks. Wash hunting gear in fragrance-free detergent and dry it on the clothesline. Store clean hunting gear in plastic bags away from the rest of your clothes. Use your hunting boots for hunting only.

Shower with fragrance-free soap and use an odor-eliminating hunting spray or brush yourself with fresh pine, sage, or juniper branches to match your habitat. Even with all of these precautions, avoid touching vegetation as you walk, to leave as little scent behind as possible.

Stalk Silently

Move slowly with a heel-toe step, which allows you to pull back if you step on a stick or grinding rock. Look down and decide where you will place your feet, choosing soft ground free of debris if possible. Predators and humans march in a straight line at a steady pace, so, when whitetail hunting, move like a prey animal, stopping and starting intermittently if you know the movement will make noise.

Hunt With Experts

One of the best ways to hone your skills and bag a trophy buck is to work with an experienced guide and hunt a ranch that has been intensely managed for over 32 years. Consider a whitetail deer hunting trip to Montgomery Properties Ranch and hunt 7000 acres of prime whitetail habitat with an expert by your side to show you the best areas and most productive techniques.

All you need is your gun or bow, a valid Texas hunting license, and the desire to explore one of the premier whitetail deer ranches in Texas. With over 30-years focused on the best genetics and nourishing habitats, our trophy whitetail hunts include top-of-the-line accommodations and complete trophy care. Contact the ranch now to plan the whitetail hunt of a lifetime!