Texas Elk Hunts

$8,500 & Up

Up to 350"  $8,500 

350" to 399"  $12,500

400" to 449"  $17,500

450" to 499"  $25,000

500" PLUS P.O.R.

  • Extra Hunt Days $350/day per hunter
  • Guest (Non-Hunter) $200/day per person 
  • A 4% charge will be added for credit card payments

Texas Elk Hunts Package

  • ALL INCLUSIVE (no daily fees)
  • 3 days/2 nights  
  • $1,000 deposit
  • Lodging
  • Chef-prepared meals
  • Stocked bar for after the hunt
  • 1-on-1 guide service
  • Ranch transportation
  • Complete trophy care (field dressing, caping, and quartering of meat for transportation)
  • Trophy Bass Fishing
  • Rifle and archery range

Not Included

  • Texas hunting license/permits
  • Gratuities for guides and staff

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About the MPR Texas Elk Hunts

Once native to Texas, the elk is now considered an exotic species under Texas game laws. A member of the deer family, the Texas elk features large antlers and a brown coat, and it can be heard bugling during the September rut. At MPR’s Texas hunting ranch, you’ll find bulls from 320 to 500 inches and yielding up to 300 pounds of meat. The elk is the second largest deer in the world. Its antlers, alone, can grow to four feet long or more, so the animal is highly recognizable and is one of the most exciting trophy hunts.

A Texas elk hunt is the perfect addition to your Texas hunting experience. At Montgomery Properties Ranch, we offer several approaches to hunting this exotic game. Whether safari style, spot and stalk, or sitting patiently in a blind, you'll experience the ultimate exotic game hunt right here in Texas. If you’re into rifle, handgun, or bow hunting, we can accommodate you, as we can accommodate hunters of all ages and experience levels.

There are many hunting opportunities at our Texas elk hunting ranch. You can go safari style by truck or sit and wait patiently in a blind for an elk to come by, rest, or take a drink. Our hunting packages are open year-round, as there are no seasonal restrictions on elk hunting in the state. If you’re looking for cheap elk hunts in Texas, MPR offers the best value for the money, with lodging, meals, ranch transportation, and trophy care.

One of the largest mammals on the continent, elk are exciting to hunt. You need to be persistent, fast, and strong, not to mention possess the courage to take on this type of hunt; you’ll feel the adrenaline pumping the whole time. The reward is high and includes lean, high-protein meat and warm coats—something many Texas exotic hunts simply won’t get you.

Learn more about our exotic game ranch in Texas and elk hunting opportunities by calling Montgomery Properties Ranch at 817-925-2234, or contact us today.

Texas Elk Hunt

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