Texas Cattle Raiser

Texas MPR Black Angus Cattle

A working ranch the spans six generations on over 10,000 acres.

Montgomery Properties Ranch is a sixth generation working ranch that operates 10,000 acres in Clay and Jack county of North Central Texas. We specialize in a cow/calf/stocker program and are currently using registered Angus bulls in a rotational breeding program. Our Angus bulls come from the renowned Gardiner Angus Ranch in Ashland, Kansas. If you know anything about the cattle business, Gardiner Angus Bulls have a reputation that speaks for itself.

Females consist of a Angus/Beefmaster cross breeding program. With Spring and Fall calving, all females are bred to calve in 60 and 90-day calving periods. All breeding females are selected on six essential traits - fertility, conformation, soundness, disposition, milking ability, and hardiness. They are culled on those same six essentials throughout their production life on the ranch. We cull with no conscience, there are no emotions allowed in the culling pen. This Beefmaster/Angus cross is producing an exceptional animal. The females show outstanding milk production, fertility and eye appeal, while the steer calves exhibit explosive production from the "teat to the table".

Whether you're a producer looking for stout breeding females or a buyer looking for wheat pasture steers, give us a call we might have something to fit your program.‚Äč

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